Sketchbook Collage

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My sketchbooks have become much for important to me in recent years. With a great deal of time on my hands during covid isolation, I spent countless hours drawing and painting at home in our flower gardens. I explored many new ways of filling those sketchbooks. When I couldn’t be outside due to the weather or the bugs, I dug around in my lifelong collection of papers and discovered a new inspiration. What to do with scribbles from children and grandchildren? Or letters from dear loved ones long gone? I found that these precious bits of paper could be combined with watercolor and mixed media for a whole new take on art!

A series of originals combining watercolor and collage, using a collection of vintage and antique papers. Each of these originals are about 7.5 by 9.5”. Most are currently available and have also been reproduced as a set of 8 notecards.