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“A Firm Foundation in Watercolor”
with Elly Hobgood, GWS

Want to learn to watercolor – or maybe you’ve painted with watercolor and didn’t get the results you wanted?

This 3-day popular, painless, comprehensive and successful class is designed both for adults who want to the learn the basics and as well as those with experience who want to get better results and expand their knowledge about painting - in a comfortable, absolutely non-competitive atmosphere. This is a no-intimidation zone!

Through a series of simple, but fun paintings and exercises, you’ll learn insider secrets and how to get the most for your money and avoid wasting money on supplies. You will gain skill in brushwork, color and value, pigment behavior and personality, mixing color, washes and all sorts of resources. Texture techniques, composition & design, perspective, planning a painting and handling different subject matter are among the many concepts included.

You’ll learn how to create beautiful texture and how to easily correct your mistakes. All this and much, much more is included and you ‘ll learn this while creating a different painting each day!

No experience in drawing (or watercolor) is necessary – really!

You’ll laugh your way through learning and forget your problems through 3 days crammed with fun.. Elly Hobgood has been teaching and helping people learn to enjoy watercolor painting for more than 10 years.

Read reviews from former students below.

Firm Foundation is tentatively scheduled for Fall 2020. Watch for further details!


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“Better Than Therapy – Elly’s New Watercolor Support & Mentoring Group”
Ellijay, Georgia 30536
Beginning Again, March 2020

Watercolor enthusiasts have an opportunity to participate in a regular commitment to paint and to “paint their own thing.”  There will be no assignments, but you will have a supportive group and lively camaraderie and sharing session with fellow watercolor “addicts.” Each month includes a brief demonstration and instruction.

Each participant in the Watercolor Support Group will bring their own personal painting project to the sessions – what they are personally inspired to paint, along with their supplies, energy and ideas.

Elly will be available to provide personalized feedback, guidance, objective advice and suggestions to support your inspirations – she may pull a helpful book from her watercolor library or an article out of her file, or even a new tool for you to try - suggest a new color or give you a squirt of paint if you don’t have the right color.  If you are working on a new direction, she has a wealth of resources to get you started.  If you are stumped for a project, she has tons of reference photos or a file of past projects you might use.

There will be door prizes, sometimes lunch, snacks and a pot of coffee brewing or hot water & teabag !

Support Group & Mentoring will be in session one Saturday each month.  Therapy will take place at Elly’s home studio.  To reserve a space [space is limited] or get directions, drop Elly an email at


Handpainted and Batik Silk Scarves


“Firm Foundation in Watercolor”
and “Fresh Florals in Watercolor”
group workshops [ 3 – day or 5 – day ] are available in your location. 
Contact Elly at or 678-880-2903.


“You teach exactly the way I learn best...explain, demo, suggestions and then hands on.........”

“Your class has opened up a whole new world for me. Having never done or been exposed to much art, I was very intimidated at first.  That lasted about 5 minutes in your class due to your easy style.”

“The title “Florals” is correct but there is so much good information that someone with any other watercolor aspirations will find this course valuable.”

“Elly is a wonderful instructor.  I thought I knew something about watercolor, but Elly really changed my life…she went to great lengths to make the class rich.”

“Elly has patience and willingness to share knowledge and techniques.”

“A patient entertaining instructor who unfailingly encouraged all of us…demonstrated everything…worked without a net…sometimes led her to correct mistakes in front of us – a great lesson…transforms her flowers into joyous settings…loved the course.”

“Inspired so much passion and inspiration…changed my life – truly.”

“Instructor was a master at making students feel at ease while at the same time encouraging them to work until they achieved their expectations.  Very enjoyable class dynamics.”

“Many tips and pearls generously shared.”

“I have taken many art classes and this is one of the best I have ever taken.”

“I learned more than in any other previous watercolor class.”

We call Elly's approach to teaching - "EDUTAINMENT !"